How To Shave Your Inner Lips

How To Shave Your Inner Lips

Not many women dare to discuss how they shave inner lips to family or to friends. It is mostly uncommon topic to talk about, but keeping it silent won’t help either especially to young girls who always ask questions and want a straight answer. So yes, most women do shave their inner lips, and we will be discussing how to shave your inner lips with our guest contributor @toodlehubofficial. Now to answer the main question:

How to shave your inner lips

For whatever reason, you decide to get rid public hair is your own decision and no one else business. The thing you should do is make sure you trim down your public hair first by pulling the skin taut while trimming with baby scissors. Make sure you are seated in a comfortable surface that’s not wobbly and out of the way.

After a quick hair trims down the public area with clean sterilized scissors, wash the area (only outside the vag) with an antibacterial fragrance-free wash. This is to avoid any infection in case there is a small cut.

For the next step according to @toodlehubofficial “use chemical-free shaving products,” example is aloe vera shaving cream or gel, like the Maca Root and Aloe Softening Shaving Cream. Another important thing you need is a new sharp razor.

Make sure to shave towards the hair growth direction, remember you are going to be way closer and deeper to your vulva and the lips which are very sensitive.

You will need your two hands to shave the lips, one hand for pulling the skin taut and the other hand for shaving. “Remember a stable position, non-slip area, and go slow.” Says @toodlehubofficial.

You will need a steady hand to shave the labia, and you will need to pull tightly the skin so you get to shave steady. Having your better half help you out is fantastic, this is because some hair can be tucked away between the labia minora and labia majora and they can see it more than you can. You have to be very careful what you are doing, not to cut yourself if you must shave inner lips. This area can easily be infected with bacteria infections from cut and it bleeds a lot.

Now that you have finished shaving the lips, next is to moisturise the skin. Something hydrating and safe will be great like aloe vera or sheet mask on the vag and around the area.

Other ways to shave inner lips area

If you really want to know how to shave your inner lips but scare of razor, not to worry there is another way.

You should shave just a little above the lips and just a little about the clitoris. Then use scissors to trim off any hair left, then blow dry it to get rid of moisture.

If you feel irritated after the shave, use a hot towel press or apply aloe vera on the shaved area. Don’t apply too much, just a dad will do to avoid it being too moist. Good luck to you.

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