Toothache treatment: Orthodontics

Toothache treatment Orthodontics

What is Orthodontics treatment?

Orthodontic treatment is used to rearrange a crowded set of teeth so they align with each other. Orthodontic is also known as teeth straightening. This involves inserting braces or aligners onto the teeth to further straighten them.

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Orthodontic treatment can be for any age not only teenagers, as long as it is for teeth straightening and appearance. This process is done by a specialist known as an orthodontist.

What are braces?

The dental braces are devices used to fix teeth gaps and also to straighten, align, and position the teeth to correct the patient’s bite and dental health improvement.

Types of braces

Metal braces/Traditional braces

These are regarded as the old types of braces, they are more modern brackets, much smaller and less noticeable. Unlike those “metal-mouth” braces that are more painful, these modern ones are heat-activated archwires, and they use the body heat. They use the heat to help make teeth movement quicker and less painful.

They are less expensive and but noticeable.

Ceramic Braces

With ceramic braces, they are similar to metal braces both in size and shape but are more tooth-colored, more clear, and unnoticeable.

The ceramic braces are less noticeable and move teeth faster. The ceramic braces are more expensive than metal braces. Because of what and how it is made, it can easily get stained if not well maintained.

Lingual Braces

The lingual braces are much similar to traditional braces, the use of wires and brackets fitted inside the teeth.

Because the are inside the teeth, they are invisible. he lingual are hard to clean, expensive, not suitable in severe cases, first time fitted it is uncomfortable, require frequent adjustments, and takes a longer time.

Invisalign braces

The Invisalign braces are different series and look more like clear mouth guard plastic aligners. They are removable and replaceable every other week, usually 2 to 3 weeks.

With Invisalign braces, you can eat and drink with then and also appear invisible. In more severe dental health issues, these braces are not recommended. They are only available for use on adults and teens and are quite expensive.

Treatment using these can take longer. If not careful, the can easily get lost.

What are Damon braces

The Damon braces are fitted the same way as the traditional braces and are self-ligating. The Damon braces moves the teeth more naturally, using a slide mechanism with attached wires to brackets to align the teeth.

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What are the disadvantages of braces?

  • The common disadvantage of braces is the discomfort and pain you experience.
  • The metal frame used in making these braces run through teeth, cause sensitivity and pain.
  • You will feel pain once the braces are fitted
  • They are usually costly
  • Having one of these fitted can last 1 to 2 years
  • You may have to get your bite fixed

Types of Orthodontic treatment

Fixed braces:

The fixed braces are a clear or metal form that is attached with brackets and wires that sit in the teeth. They are more common because they are reliable and they do work. Other types are the lingual braces and ceramics brace, these are the less visible braces than the fixed ones and are fixed on the teeth.

Removable braces:

The removable braces are an almost invisible type of braces, they are also known as aligners or molds which helps straighten the teeth.

Another example of the aligner is the Invisalign, these braces don’t use metal wires or brackets, they are usually custom made and totally invisible.

The removable braces can be taken out or put in whenever you want, and are mostly used to treat the upper teeth and have less ability than other types of braces.

Benefits of Metal Braces

  • They are nor removable and will stay in place
  • The treatment time is quicker
  • It is easier to clean
  • You will get to go for follow up checks
  • The cost for metal brace is between 1700 to 6000 depending on the patient
  • You will get a retainer or positioner that is used to keep teeth in sharp
  • It is very effective

​Benefits of Invisalign

  • Can be easily removed when you want to eat
  • The trays are clear and patients usually like it.
  • They are more comfortable
  • The treatment time is about 7 to 18 months and worn for about 22 hours a day.
  • The cost of Invisalign treatment is about 5500
  • Easy cleaning with by brushing, rinsing with warm water, and with Invisalign cleaning system.

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How to know which Orthodontic treatment is best

As you can see, there are many types of braces, depending on which and how you want them to look, also which will be best for you for better results. It is the job of Orthodontist to lay out the different options with you to determine which is best Orthodontic treatment depending on the condition of your teeth.

How long do braces take to put on

How long it takes for orthodontic treatment depends on the number of teeth that need moving, these factors are what will prompt more work to be done.

By the time all is done, the whole orthodontic treatment can last up to six months depending on the complexity of the problem. The orthodontist will explain how long the treatment will take.

The price of orthodontic treatment

The cost of orthodontic treatment depends on the complexity of the treatment, and the type of braces that is required. Also, every orthodontist charges different prices especially private own practices, these private orthodontics are most likely to cost you more anyway.

What is the difference between a dentist and an orthodontist?

Both the Orthodontists and dentists help to maintain and improve patient oral health differently. They are both parts of dentistry that specialize in different sections.

A dentist or dentistry specializes in the teeth, gum, nerves, and jaw.

An orthodontist specializes in correcting bites, occlusion, and teeth straightening.

Do fixed braces damage teeth?

The orthodontic movement of teeth because of the consistent force from braces damages the root according to research. The orthodontic treatment can cause the roots to dissolve which will result in loss of teeth in no time.

Do teeth become weak after braces?

Do teeth become weak after braces? I will say No, this is because, during the first 1-2 days of the braces fitted, the teeth begin to shift and feel loosen. This is the intended reason why braces are fitted to correct the teeth, and it is a normal tooth movement around braces.

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What helps with braces pain?

If you are having pains from braces then it is due to the movement of teeth. Here is how to reduce braces pain:

  • The use of oral anesthetics like the Orajel and Anbesol. They can help with the pain, discomfort, and desensitize the mouth.
  • The use of over-the-counter pain relief to help relieve the pain caused by the tightening.
  • The use of an icepack or gel pack outside of the mouth can help decrease oral discomfort and inflammation.
  • Drinking cold water will help numb the sensation in your mouth, and reduces inflammation.
  • Make sure to eat soft foods, hard food will put pressure on the sensitive teeth after the braces are tightened. You should eat soft food like mashed potatoes, smoothies, soup and pudding.
  • The pain is temporary, being patient is all it may take to have a perfectly aligned tooth.
Orthodontics treatment

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