What is Luffa Cylindrica? (Sponge Gourd)

What is Luffa Cylinrica

What is the Luffa Cylindrica? Luffa cylindrical is a cucumber shape like plant or vegetable used for either as food or medicinal purposes. Commonly found in Egypt, Asia, and other parts of Africa. It has a sponge-like shape and most Africans use it as a sponge for bathing because of its therapeutic effects against skin diseases and infections. Both eating the vegetable and using other medicines made from it are beneficial to the body.

Luffa cylindrica common names

Luffa aegyptiaca, sponge gourd, Egyptian cucumber, Vietnamese luffa, Angled Loofah, Courge Éponge, Courge Torchon, Dishcloth Sponge, Éponge Loofa, Éponge Végétale, Liane Torchon, Loofa, Loofah, Lufa, Luffa acutangula, Luffa operculata, Luffaschwamm, Papangaye, Sigualuo, Sponge Cucumber, Vegetable Sponge, Water Gourd.

What are the uses of luffa cylindrica?

This plant has many uses on both men, women, and children. People not only eat them, but sponge gourd has also been used in many medicines like skincare products, hair products, and many others. Below are the most common uses of sponge gourd.

  1. Used for the prevention and treatment of a cold.
  2. Used to treat problems with sinus and nasal swelling.
  3. It is also used to relieve pains like muscle pains, chest pains, and arthritis. 
  4. Used to restore menstrual periods and to ease the pains.
  5. Used as a sperm booster.
  6. Nursing moms use it to increase breast milk. 
  7. Used on the skin to treat skin rashes.
  8. Used to treat and cool down an ulcer.
  9. Used for skin stimulation, remove dead skin, and to treat shingles on the face and eye.
  10. Used for food because of its nutritional benefits.
  11. Used also as animal feed 
  12. Used for fertilizer. 
Luffa cylindrica

What are the benefits of luffa cylindrica?

Among all the uses of these plants, there are also some important sponge gourd benefits.

  • It helps to clean the blood.
  • Consuming the veg help to remove impurities like poison from the blood and also promote liver health.
  • For healthy stomach and arteries
  • The sponge gourd helps to reduce blockage problems in the arteries because of its healthy purgative qualities. It also aids in the normal functioning and full working capacity of the stomach. 
  • Help to mend jaundice: The juice from sponge gourd vegetable contains some therapeutic properties that help to mend jaundice. Read more on what is jaundice?
  • Its a source of dietary fiber, Vit-C, Zinc, Iron, Riboflavin, Magnesium, and Thiamine. 
  • It helps to reduce body fat by lowering cholesterol and calories. 
  • It is high in cellulose and water content that helps relieve any blockage and retrieve heaps.
  • It helps to lower the blood sugar levels through the insulin-like Peptides and Alkaloids that it contains. 
  • It helps to improve visual sensation.

Luffa cylindrica medicinal uses

Below are some of the luffa cylindrica medicinal uses and how to make them.

How to use sponge gourd 

For menstrual pains: Soak the sponge in the hot water taking it like tea ease the pains. 

To boost sperm: Use the 10 fresh seed inside the sponge gourd vegetable mix with a handful of fresh groundnut and chew the first thing in the morning for 6 days. 

For Ulcer: Cut the seeds into chips, soak it and allow to ferment for about 12-24hrs, then drink it to helps cool it down and heal the wound. 

For shingles: Apply the charcoal from the seed on the face and eye area. 

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Luffa side effects

  • Luffa is safe when taken by mouth in food, no known side effect. 
  • Luffa is safe when taking as a medicine, no known side effect.
  • Luffa is safe when applied to the skin as a skincare product, with no known side effects.
  • Luffa is safe for breastfeeding moms and pregnant women, with no known side effects. Only food amount should be consumed.

What does sponge gourd taste like?

The sponge gourd taste is mild with silk texture, it tastes more like the zucchini with a sweet taste. But the more mature sponge gourd is not tasty, they are bitter and brownish. 

Is sponge gourd good for diabetes?

The sponge gourd vegetable contains Peptides and Alkaloids that is similar to insulin that helps to lower the levels in both the urine and blood.

Luffa cylindrica plant

The luffa cylindrica plant can grow in most places, the vegetable can be homegrown or farm-grown. The internet has made it possible to basically buy anything you want online and the luffa cylindrica plant has found its place too. You can easily buy these luffa cylindrica plant seeds on Amazon for your own use. You can find Amazon plants below.

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