Is Ginseng Good For You? What To Know About Gensing

Is Ginseng Good For You


Gensing is derived from the Chinese word rénshēn, #Rén meaning “person” and shēn meaning “plant root”. Gensing has been around for over 400years ago, it has a forked shape of the plant’s root. The name is due to the shape which looks more like a person’s legs and hands. The English name is derived from the Cantonese pronunciation – “jên shên” and the Hokkien pronunciation “jîn-Sim.

The root is also found in part of West Africa in the Cameron. Ginseng roots are sold fresh and dried. The dried Gensing is processed into a powdered form and serves as a traditional medicine with so many health benefits.

Among these benefits of Gensing are, as an aphrodisiac, stimulant, and anti-diabetes agent. Gensing is also a treatment for male sexual dysfunction.

Ginseng has been used as a source of energy drinks, herbal teas, hair tonics, and cosmetic products.

For years, Gensing has been used to lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels, increase relaxation, reduce stress, and also to treat diabetes.

What are the benefits of ginseng?

Below are all the gensing benefits according studies.

To increase energy

Is ginseng good for energy? Gensing is used to increase energy, stimulate both mental and physical activity especially if you are feeling weak. Researchers also confirm that gensing can help with fatigue for people with cancer.

Increase quality of life

Gensing helps with thinking and cognition processes. It helps to improve the quality of life, cognition, and behaviors.

As an anti-inflammatory

The anti-inflammatory effects are found in the ginsenosides. It is used to reduce inflammation by targeting the pathways in the immune system.

Erectile dysfunction

A study in Korea identifies gensing as a remedy for erectile dysfunction according to a study of more than 60 men with erectile dysfunction. Red gensing, in particular, is used in this experiment.

To prevent flu

Gensing is also used to prevent and treat influenza and respiratory syncytial virus according to study. The red gensing extract can be used to increase the sustainability of the lung epithelial cells that are infected by a virus (influenza).

To lower blood sugar

Is ginseng good for high blood pressure? Gensing is used to lower blood sugar levels and use it to treat diabetes as well. The ginsenosides influence insulin production and improve insulin resistance.

What are the side effects of gensing?

  • May cause headaches especially when mixed with antidepressants.
  • May affect sleep by intensifying caffeine effect
  • Can cause digestive problems
  • May alter a change with blood pressure and blood sugar
  • Can cause you irritation
  • May increase some level of nervousness in you
  • Not common, but can cause blurred vision if the dose is not controlled
  • If you have an allergy, it can cause a severe skin reaction
  • Can less likely cause diarrhea, bleeding, dizziness, and a dry mouth
  • It can reduce heart rate, cause convulsions, and seizures.
  • May cause bleeding in the vagina or swollen breasts in women especially when taken with warfarin or aspirin which are blood thinners.

What does ginseng do to your hair?

What gensing does to your hair is to help increase the dermal cells on the scalp. When this happens, it helps to strengthen the follicles and roots of the hair. It also helps with the root of hair by nourishing the roots. It prevents hair thinning, improves hair growth, and prevents breakage.

Is ginseng good for skin?

Yes. Gensing has natural anti-inflammatory properties which help to reduce redness and puffiness especially for people with sensitive skin. Gensing acts as a protective shield for your skin, it acts as a calming or soothing effect for skin problems like psoriasis and acne.

Other health gensing benefits:

  • It is an adaptogen
  • Use to detoxify the body
  • Used as a soothing agent and an anti-inflammatory.
  • Used for extreme menstrual discomfort and cramps
  • Used to reduce mood swings
  • Help to reduce anxiety and depression
  • It is used to reduce vagina dryness and sex drive

Multivitamins with ginseng benefits

Below are some of the multivitamins with ginseng which have huge health benefits.

NOW Supplements, American Ginseng

Multivitamins with ginseng benefits

Centrum Specialist Energy MultiVitamin MultiMineral

Multivitamins with ginseng benefits

Nature’s Bounty Ginseng Complex

Is Ginseng Good For You? What To Know About Gensing

Puritans Pride Ginseng Complex

Is Ginseng Good For You? What To Know About Gensing

OLLY Laser Focus Gummy

Is Ginseng Good For You? What To Know About Gensing

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