Benefits Of Steaming Face

Many people out there don’t know the benefits of steaming face and engaging in facial steaming due to limited information about these practices. Before we go into other facial spa steamers and aromatherapy, it is important to know the benefits of steaming face.

Benefits of steaming face

Here we will look at some of steaming face everyday benefits and how it helps your body.

Skincare products absorption:

Steaming the skin helps it absorb tropical skincare products by increasing the skin permeability.

For hydration:

Steaming helps to hydrate the skin by increasing moisture and the production of natural body oil.

For circulation:

Warm steam and perspiration dilate the blood vessels which increase blood circulation. When the blood flow is opened the skin becomes nourished and flows with oxygen which in turn creates a more natural glowing skin.

For soothing:

A combination of steam and essential oil or herbs help in soothing the skin and also help the skin relax.

For sinus:

If you are having blocked sinus, steaming can help relieve the congestion and headache caused by blocked sinus and by adding some essential oil.

Promotion of elastin and collagen:

The production of collagen and elastin results in having a firm and young-looking skin because steaming help to increase blood flow.

For acne:

The benefits of steaming face for acne is to reverses the causes of acne, this is by the opening of the pores and releasing dead skin cells, impurities, and bacterias which are clogging the skin.

For cleansing:

One of the benefits of steaming your face is that it helps to open pores and loosen dirt buildup. This helps with a deeper cleansing and also make blackheads really soft so it becomes easy to get rid of.

For sebum:

Steaming help release trapped sebum which is responsible for producing occurring natural oil that keeps the hair and skin lubricated.

Different ways of steaming

There are different ways of steaming your skin to get the full benefits of steaming.

They include:

Steaming with bowel or hot water sink

To steam with a towel or water sink, you will a need fluffy towel and find the right position. When using the sink make sure you stand in the right height either by standing on a stool. Make sure to secure your hair and use an exfoliating cleanser to clean your face and neck as well.

Steaming with warm towels

To steam your face with a towel you need a hand towel and hot tap water.

Steaming with facial steamer

This is how to steam face, but make sure to read the facial steamer instruction booklet.

Best facial steamer herbs

Herbs have benefits to your face like calming and invigorating. According to your skin type, some herbs may benefit others and some may not.


This is another herb for a facial steamer with a lot of benefits to the skin especially for people with oily skin.


According to Herbal Treatment for Dermatologic Disorders, herb therapy like chamomile help in skin conditions such as dermatitis and skin inflammation. Chamomile is good for all skin types especially for people with sensitive skin.

Best essential oil for facial steamer

As stated earlier, the essential oil has so much benefit for the skin, especially when steaming face.

Eucalyptus oil:

People with congested or acne skin will also benefit from this oil. If you have blocked sinus, eucalyptus oil is a great choice to clear the lungs also.

Lavender oil:

Lavender oil is good aromatherapy, it is good for people with eczema and dry skin because of the relaxing effects.

Geranium oil:

For skin tone, the oil from the geranium flower has natural properties for tight skin and skin tone.

Disadvantages of steaming face

Some common disadvantages of steaming face include burn, this is due to not keeping a safe distance from the steam which comes from the steamer. Also, using a very hot towel of the face without letting it cool for a few seconds.

People with rosacea, rosacea is a chronic skin disease that affects the nose, cheeks, and forehead. The symptoms include small red pus-filled bumps that appear of the said places. People with such condition may want to avoid steaming because the heat can dilate the blood vessels and can increase redness or worsen the condition.

People with eczema or very dry skin need not steam often or stay long steaming as this can cause irritate the skin.

What to do after steaming your face

It recommended to do some certain things or follow certain guides immediately after steaming. Here is what to do after steaming your face.

Steam face every day for 21 days

Steam face every day for 21 days may be good for you if no after effect occurs, meanwhile it is not advisable to steam face every day for 21 days as this can cause breakouts. Depending on ur skin type, people with eczema or very dry skin may have problems if they steam every day as this may cause irritation. You should steam your face at least once a week, for clogged pores you can steam your face twice a week until the condition improves.

If you want a 21 days glow face challenge to improve your face and get a glowy face then check out

Benefits of steaming face with lemon

There are so many benefits of steaming face with lemon, few of these lemon steaming are discused below.

Lemon has antioxidants:

Using lemon essential oil to steam face help prevent loss of skin tissues and lipid peroxidation. This is done by preventing free radicals damage to the face, and lemon also serves as a natural detoxification.

Lemon has antimicrobial agent:

The lemon peel extract help reduce blackheads and acne. Lemon peel has an antimicrobial agent that prevents pseudomonas and micrococcus bacteria infections.

Lemon has astringent properties:

The lemon juice helps to shrink open skin pores because of the astringent properties, using a facial toner after steaming face will help prevent dirt and grime clogging in open pores.

Is steam inhalation safe during pregnancy?

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, using steam or saunas during pregnancy should be kept at a minimum, this is to prevent raising core body temperature and overheating from the sauna or steam heat. Otherwise, it could result in some serious problems like affecting developing fetus.

Steam or sauna heat could cause an extreme burden on the heart of the pregnant mother and could affect circulation, this is because the heart is working hard already. Having steam or sauna spa should be avoided according to a specialist because pregnant women risk dehydration, overheating, and fainting. Check out Is Boiled Apple Good For Health?

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